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This is a re-constructed version of my book The Goat, the Devil and the Freemason. What started out as a talk for my mother lodge grew and grew until it threatened to take in the entire history of western religious thought and the complete philosophy of Freemasonry. Everywhere I turned, another fascinating  sub-plot appeared and as much as I tried to keep things on track, some readers became lost. The new title is meant to show this to be almost a new book, focused more tightly on the central theme, but still deviating a little to follow some of the more fascinating ideas.


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A magical mystery tour in search for the history of the goat and the devil and how they became associated with Freemasonry, including the occult in France, the Santa Fe Trail, a Masonic hoax, ancient Egypt and the Book of the Dead, Greek gods and the afterlife, fauns and satyrs, early Christianity and gnosticism, polytheism, henotheism and monotheism, the death of Pan, the problem of evil, the Cathars, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and John Donne, Wittgenstein and language games, and the wonderfully named Hermes Trismegistus ...