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From the pen of Miguel H. Bronchud comes a new and originally researched  e-book on the history of medieval art – particularly with regards XIth to XIVth centuries Romanesque and Gothic churches, cathedrals and monasteries in England, Spain (Aragon, Catalonia, Castile and the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago) and southern France. It is also a unique book which comprehends the artistic expressions and some of the secrets and hidden knowledge of the Knights Templar and their Brethren and successors the Knights of St John (Rhodes and Malta) in medieval and pre-Renaissance Europe, including their strange frescoes and idol Baphomet.

ISBN 978-0-9550352-4-1

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The book suggests and outlines several specific cultural tours in England (its main cathedrals), Spain (Barcelona, Catalonia and Aragon, Castile, and the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago), Rhodes and parts of Italy (Florence) and southern France. After reading the book and enjoying its hundreds of different original photos, the reader will be able to plan short (3 or 4 days) or longer (1 to 2 weeks) trips to explore the mystical energies of Spanish Templar castles and churches, the light and darkness of Spanish and English cathedrals, the remains of city walls in Avignon, Rome and Rhodes, and the architectural wonders of Barcelona. Insights on the three main characters of the book will expand the reader’s knowledge of medieval esoteric traditions, the true Christian origins of Freemasonry, the legacy of the Templars, and the all embracing but controversial concept of God both in the Middle Ages and Modern times. 



Readers will find accurate and fascinating accounts of the works and lives of three master builders and creative geniuses of the XIIIth (Reinard des Fonoll, who travelled from England to the ancient kingdom of Aragon to take the flamigerous Gothic with him to Spain), the XIVth century (Don Juan Fernández de Heredia, Grand Master of the Knights of St John and advisor to several popes and anti-popes at the time of the Avignon Catholic Church crisis), and the modern architectural genius Antoni Gaudí, whose masterpiece La Sagrada Familia was recently consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Barcelona.