Hamilton House Publishing Ltd

              ISBN 978-0-9550352-7-2

The Search for God in a Secular Age

This book is a search. A search for meaning and for hope. A search, perhaps, for a God who will provide us with this meaning and this hope. A God who seems to have hidden Himself away, or whom we have lost. But where should we search? ‘Seek me in the void’, said God according to the prophet Isaiah (45,19). That is, seek me in silence, seek me in darkness, seek me on the darkest side of life, in illness and misfortune. Seek me also in the tiniest, most insignificant things. Like another prophet of Antiquity, Elijah, who did not find him in the mighty wind that ‘rent the mountains and brake in pieces the rocks’ but in a gentle, almost imperceptible breeze, in a ‘still small voice’ (1 Kings, 19, 11-12)

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