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               ISBN 978-0-9550352-6-5

Why are Freemasonry’s rituals laced with scientific concepts and the imperative for learning? Why such a reliance on allegory? Why is the outmoded science enshrined in Ritual so crucial? How did such a dubious group of founders create a brotherhood based on the strictest principles of humanitarian behaviour and why did the intrinsic beauty of the concept far outweigh their shortcomings? Once in every generation comes a lateral thinker who brings radically new perspectives to old questions. Professor Charles Lawrence has been a scholar of Freemasonry for over 40 years but he is also an internationally recognised scientist and engineer. These parallel disciplines have influenced his approach to Masonic historiography, demanding profound analysis and the same detached stringency he applies to his scientific work Those with preconceptions about Masonry may find this an uncomfortable read. Questions are asked to which the answers are not always easy or palatable. Yet for those seeking the true Key to Modern Freemasonry, this book provides a solid base from which to begin the quest.

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