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To the honor of God, One in Persons three,

This boke is made, that Lay men shulde it see,

And Clerks alsoe, after my decease,

Whereby all lay-men which putteth them in prease,

To fetch by Alkimy great ryches to winn

May finde good Counsell er they such warke begin;

And greate deceipts they may hereby eschewe,

And by this doctrine know fals men from trewe.

Thomas Norton The Ordinall of Alchimy:

The Proheme lines 1 - 8

‘That alchemy has appealed to the imagination of man for centuries is evident from the prominent part it plays in the legends and romances of the past.’ ‘To the artist the alchemist at work in his dim, mysterious laboratory, with its glowing furnaces and fantastic apparatus, formed an attractive subject for his brush, while the poet found in his romantic and picturesque life a fascinating theme for his pen. A great deal of this attraction was doubtless due to the mystery with which the art of alchemy has ever been surrounded.’

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Historians of alchemy and popular writers on the subject still find an interested readership. Societies such as the Alchemical Society, founded during the early years of the 20th century, and the Society for the Study of Alchemy and Early Chemistry (founded in 1938) were concerned with papers and discussions on alchemical topics.

The present work was started at the request of the Rosicrucian Society of Freemasons in England (Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia), as a general explanatory background to the subject of alchemy and has been extended to include a number of papers read to the Society on individual alchemists and on the development of the subject from the earliest times up to the present day - from Plato to Fulcanelli.

There is no doubt that alchemy possesses a fascination of its own. In a book, The Lure and Romance of Alchemy, published in 1932, C.J.S. Thompson wrote:

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