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Based on the experiences of an ordinary private, provincial lodge which initiates three or four candidates every year and always remembering that ‘Insanity is carrying out the same action while expecting different results.…’ here is the updated, revised and refined edition of Things to Do When You have Nothing to Do …

Foremost in this new edition is the inclusion of the ‘Chaplain Lectures’ - which will undoubtedly prove to be an interesting addition to any Lodge working - reference to page 22 and beyond will tell you why they are referred to as such. They are as fresh today as they were in the eighteenth century consisting of ‘The Working Tools’ - drawn from William Meeson’s 1775 Introduction to Free Masonry (p. 22); ‘The Ornaments of the Lodge’ - based on William Preston’s 1790 Lectures (p. 24); ‘The Lewis’ - Preston, Op. Cit. (p. 25) and ‘The Initiation of a Freemason’ - drawn from William Hutchinson’s 1775 Spirit of Masonry (p. 26).

There are now ten new chapter headings in addition to the six included in the former editions and the chapter order has been rationalised with the intent of making it more user-friendly.