Aragon 2

    Besides these stone marks, also visible in the Castle, some new surprising ones: for example an unusual but perfectly balanced fourteen pointed star - with thirteen rather than fourteen arms but a hole in the Middle - and just below and to the right, a cross with five marked holes (one in the middle and one on each end), have been found at the very entrance to the Church on the left of the archivolts at the Portal, representing the gateway between the Churches holy space and the external world: The latter mark may also be found in other places in the building - particularly around the unfinished cloister, now in ruins and awaiting restoration work.

    Why a fourteen-pointed star we do not know but in Bethlehem, at the place where it commemorates the exact birthplace of Jesus (Yeshua) in the Church of the Nativity, such a fourteen-pointed Star is placed and is known as the Star of Bethlehem. Why has the cross at Mora only thirteen rather than fourteen arms? The cross below with five marked holes (one in the middle and one on each end) is the characteristic mark of Reynard des Fonoll (see my previous book From Stones to God) - the English Master stonemason who was brought by the King of Aragon, James II (Catalan: Jaume II), circa 1325, to bring flamigerous English Gothic to the Iberian peninsula.